Thursday, September 4, 2008

Herrre is the crrreaturrre my beans brrrought back to live with me.
All it does is eat, sleep, and poop.
Bailey trrried to pull its nose out, since it was somehow smashed in.

I wasn't jealous, just borrred and currrious, so I went outside
and disappearrred forrr two nights and two days. My lady bean
rrreacted fasterrr than a bomb squad...This picturrre of me and a few
otherrrs werrre posted everrrywherrre within a squarrre mile rrradius.
Even the SPCA got copies.

Missing Cat: Jade

Herrre I am safe at home! Forrrtunately, my lady bean alerrrted the entirrre neighborrrhood.
I was discoverrred crrrying on a hot tile rrroof at night by a lovely lady and herrrr Chocolate Labrrradorrr. Durrring the day, the temperrraturrre had soarrred to 114 degrrrees. I hid in a crrrevice above the rrrain gutterrrr to stay out of the heat. My lady bean thinks a rrrogue Ki Yo Tee who has been seen scavenging may have chased me up the neighborrrs olive trrree and I landed on theirrr rrroof. Thank God forrr grrreat claws!

My Lady Bean and Little Sticky people rrrescued me off the rrroof and since then I have been staying much closerrr to home. Yes, I still get to go outside as often as I want, but I don't strrray verrry farrr. Besides that little slobberrry, poopy, thingy can't rrrun fast orrr jump enough to catch me, so I'm not so worrried anymorrre.
I told Yogie, I would post the Frrridge Meme next time.