Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lord Jaders Lounge

Aaah, while my lady bean is cleaning inside,
I will rrrelax on herrr, nice
comforrrtable chase lounge.

Oh yes, this feels good. I don't suppose it would hurrrt if I just sharrrpened one of my talons...
Huh? Who me? No I, I...
No I wasn't sharrrpening my claws on yourrr lounge.
I've been laying herrre nicely like this, see?

HA! HA! Got herrr fooled! Who's the bad cat--yee-Ow!

Scrrrratch, scrrratch, scrrratch--scrrratch yourrr loungerrr...

Whuh? Uh-uh, I've been rrresting herrre the whole time.