Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Famous Place--Famous Face

This is a famous rrrock in Califorrrnia. It is called Morro Rrrock and is the rrreminents of an ancient volcano. It is in Morro Bay. This is a beautiful shot--because usually it is cold and foggy.
See the sand dunes in the forrregrrround? My lady bean actually witnessed two young cats playing herrre--with theirrr beans and no harrrnesses orrr strrrollerrrs orrr leashes! She wished she had herrr camerrra at the time, but didn't. My beans werrre visiting Grrrand bean herrre.

My lady bean met someone verrry famous. He is a STAR--(fish). She took a picturrre forrr me so I could see. Herrre is Patrick frrrom Sponge Bob Square Pants. See--he is waving to everrryone.

Thank you forrr all yourrr thoughts and purrrayerrrs forrr Grrrandbean. It was verrry kind of all of you to think of us at this time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sad Silver Tabby

I haven't been able to post forrr awhile. My beans went to visit my grrrand bean who is battling cancerrr forrr the second time. However, this cancerrr is grrrowing rrrapidly. It has been a difficult time forrr me to keep in touch with everrryone--Cat Chat Girl-- my lady bean, is verrry prrreoccupied with family matterrrs.

I am cerrrtain that my family would apprrreciate any purrrs and prrrrayerrrs you would like to send. Grrrand bean is only 65. Young--considerrring his fatherrr and motherrr lived into theirrrr late 80's and his grrrand bean lived to be 101 yearrrrs old. That's got to be morrre than 9 lives! I don't know at this time how often I will be able to post orrr rrrespond to a comment. Thank you forrr underrrrstanding at this time. Just in case you werrre wonderrring--Kimo and Sabi's grrrandma bean was my grrrandbean's olderrr sisterrr. So yes, we arrre rrreally cousins--not just furrry furrrends.
I will talk to everrryone when I can--love and purrrs to you all... Jade