Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tweet Victory

I finally did it! Tweet Victorrry is MINE!!! Despite the annoying brrrass bell I must wearrr, I committed the ultimate act of stealth. I slipped down upon a little twirp underrr my trrree and snatched it into my clutches! My man bean, (who is a hunterrr and trrree climberrr like me) was concerrrned because it was a dove and it isn't dove hunting season yet. So I played with it a little and then let it go. I believe that along with my crrredentials of Masterrr Trrree Climberrr, I can now add Mistrrress of the Hunt. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hiding from Kona

This is how I elude big-mouthed, slobberrr woofies! Kona is looking forrr me and is unsuspecting that with one mere swipe of my paw I could tag herrr and disappearrr into the darkness of my dining "tree" table. I guess you could call this my indoorrr cat trrree.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Furrrby is No FUN!

Looks like an Angel...

...But She's the Devil in Disguise!!!

Furrrby is No FUN!
Overrr the weekend I went to see my cousin Furrrby. She is a Himalayan--so she didn't speak to me in Purrneez like Cat Chat Girl does. She speaks Himalayan- (I guess)- which sounds like hissing and spitting and meowgrrrowling. I told herrr that she rrreminded me of the Abominable Snow Cat and that did not go overrr well. I was just meaning that she's a mountain kitty--oh well. Furrrby has no frront claws and neverrr gets to climb trrrees like me. That would make me a hissy kitty too! By the way--I am sorrry that yourrr feline furrrend Suzanne has crrrossed the brrridge. I did not know herrr, but I can tell she was dearrrly loved by many. My sympathies, purrrs, and prayerrrs to the bean(s) she left behind.