Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm BAAAAAAAck! My Furrrends!

Although Cat Chat Girrrl is rrrapidly typing my message--I must say I don't have a picturrre to sharrre with all of you yet. We have moved and have experrrrience life like the Gypsies...
My new home is beautiful and has fences wherrrre I can strrroll into everrryones back yarrrd. So farrr, I don't know any new felines in the neighborrrrhood. Howeverrr, Miss Bebe is still with us, but the Slobberrr Woofy now has a fantastic new home. She was playing too rrruff with Miss Bebe and my lady bean was terrrified of an accident--orrr something bad happening to Miss Bebe or myself. So frrriends of the family new a fabulous family who just lost theirrr boxerrr and werrre overrrjoyed to call herrr theirrr own. We do not plan to disrrrupt ourrr purrrfect family with any morrre slobberrry additions.

I will verrry soon--purrrhaps June when we'rrre morrre settled--starrrt blogging to you all!
Purrrs to everrryone,


P.S. Is my Fuzz Factor still okay? Benjamin?