Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Parrrcel Has Arrrived

I hearrr someone at the doorrr...
A parrrcel, pourrr moi?

OOooooh, loooky...

MMMMmmmm smell those yummy snacks...

...and looky herrre inside this cute little dish

Oh, yeah, love the catnip (chomp, slurrp)...

No WAY--therrre's MORE?

Check this out, Yo Adrrrian, RRRocky Balboa is BACK!

I love you, my delicious tunnel.
Woo Hooo, I'm soooo happy!

Coool, Cat Chat Girrrl got something too,
Give me five...
Poppy Q, you'rrre the best. Thank you so verrry much.
Love the picturrre of you too.