Monday, July 30, 2007

Cat-Y-EE Vacation

Benjamin Fuzz and I get along sooo well, that afterrr ourrr countrrry club excurrrsion--that was absolutely delightful--we decided to get away to Cat-Y-EE. Since Benji is frrrom Seattle, I knew he would feel rrright at home on a trrropical rrrain forrrest island. Herrre is ourrr plane waiting forrr us to boarrrd.

Since we don't rrreally like to swim we just admirrred the ocean frrrom afarrr. We arrre looking down frrrom the lighthouse tourrrist spot. I am cerrrtain therrre arrre some floating trrrash can lids in the waterrr (known as sea turrrtle--but frrrom a distance they look like trrrash can lids!)
Herrre is the gorrrgeous flowerrr that Benji picked forrr me to wearrr in my silverrr furrr. It is a Hibiscus and is the state flowerrr herrre in Hawaii. Ben is such a rrromantic guy...(big smile).
Herrre is the beach wherrre we watched the palms sway in the brrreeze. We prrretended we werrre on a deserrrted Island, until this wild Gypsy cat named Gilligan meowed loudly and interrrupted our thoughts. Afterrr that he turrrned out to be somewhat a decent local and showed us the best places to get Hawaiin Moonfish (Opah) forrr dinnerrr. I did wonderrr if we would rrrun into Pumpkin, since we know Pumpkin is a Hawaiian cat too.

Thank you Benji, forrr a most rrromantic get away. I do hope you can get all the sand out of yourrr furrr and floofy tail.