Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Something About Me

Since I am still new to bloggin, I thought I might take a moment to sharrre a little bit about myself. I'm not surrre what meme forrrm is but I rrread Miss Peach's bloggie and she has a grrreat picturrre and list about herrrself. So I thought I might sharrre some morrre.
Purrrhaps I'll put it in a list forrrmy so its easierrr to follow...

1. I am verrry gentle and affectionate. I let small, sticky people hold me. Even if they'rrre sloppy with theirrr grrrip, I do not hurrrt them. I just go limp like a stuffed animal.

2. I love to go forrr outdoorrr walks with my lady bean, Cat Chat Girl. If she walks that slobberry Kona on a leash, I will especially jump out at both of them, then rrrun and hide behind someone's frrront hedge. It is grrreat fun--like Cat and Seek!

3. I wrrrite my notes with a rrrolled rrr because I speak in Purrneez. If you have neverrr hearrd a cat speak this way it is verrry soft, high pitched, and the rrr is prrronounced in the back of the thrrrought--similarrrr to a Frrrench uvularrr "R". I rrrarrrely "Meow" the way that some cats do. I used to rrrwow, rrrrwow--when I was wanting some quality "Mancat Time,"last season--but my beans had me spade.

4. My best furrrend was Miss Bebe, but now she is a trrraitorr. She has been digging underrr the fence to escape frrrom the slobberrry Kona. Also, ourrr neighborrrs--the snuggly woman and herrr guitarrr man arre verrry good to animals. Bebe and I both visit theirrr yarrrd and play with theirrr old Schnauzer, Beau. But this digging made The Master of the Universe angrrry and he filled in all of Bebe's holes. So now she is stuck with Kona--and since Kona is still learrrning how NOT to put me in herrr mouth, I don't get to play with Miss Bebe as much.

5. Some cats will, but I won't eat any human food. It grrrosses me out. Even if a piece of cheese is offerrred--I will taste it carrrefully, then spit it out.

6. Loud, buzzing, fat flies--like the ones that come each summer to hoverrr arrround wooferrrs food--they zzzigg and zzzagg into the house and drrrive me into a delirrrium of hunting techniques--I LOVE THEM!!! Maybe I am rrrelated to Spidey afterrr all.

7. I will usually sleep with my beans, sometimes the little sticky ones, but the youngest of those locks me out of herrr rrroom. She says I keep herrr awake. I don't--though, rrreally.

8. Even The Master of the Universe loves me and he is not parrrticularrrly fond of cats. He says I am smarrrterr than the otherrr cats he's been arrround. (They used to marrrk his clothing with --you know what--and that made him verrry mad!) I don't do that. I play fetch with him and tag. He thinks I am hilarrrious.

9. With my soft voice I can wake Cat Chat Girl frrrom a dead sleep--and she will hearrr me, despite the fact that I am down the hall and outside the frrront doorrr. Ourrr bond is soooo close that I can blink at herrr and she knows my thoughts. I neverrr everrr bite or scrrratch herr--even in play. But I do play rrrough with The Master of the Universe. He likes this because he thinks cats should play rrrough.

10. This might sound strrrange to some of you, but I don't have any toys. Last Christmas, all the sticky little people liked my red, vinyl web stocking full of jingle lings, sparrrkle balls, and ancient, dehydrrrated, nip crrrumb, pillow mousies morrre than theirrr own toys. So THEY took MINE! Oh well, I still have my special trrree...and Spidey Man.


lordjaders said...

Okay, so the title says Deep Thought on Thursday, yet it was typed on Wednesday. Just neverrr mind it--okay?

Whiskerrr twitches and Purrs to all of you !

P.S. Ms.Monreow if you rrread this have you wrrritten yourrr poem en Francais?


Chairman Mao said...

Hi, Jade! I liked readin' your answers. The way you talk is really kool, I kinda thought it had somethin' to do with purrin'! You sound like a very friendly gurl.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

Hi, dear Jade! What a sweet girlkitty you are. And that's adorable, your purry, trilly talk! I purr a lot, too, especially when I'm snuggling.

I'm thinking a lot about my poem in French, but I haven't started writing it yet. I'm glad you're looking forward to reading it -- I hope I can make it a really good one, at least a good French poem for a writer who's an EnglishMeowishPurrish-speaking girlcat! ;-D

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

i think i might like to study your language, jade. mom's pretty sure i might have my own dialect going right here.

i like to get close to her face and then purr and purr and purr. she presses her ear to my tummy and i purr some more. sometimes i snuffle in her ear and she says that's the best thing ever.

--ben fuzz

Daisy said...

Jade, I like to play rough, too!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I liked getting to know you Jade. Maybe your beans could get you a cool wand toy and you and the sticky little people can play together!
You have a very cool language. I'm a chirper myself. Quick and to the point, but you lady cats speak better than me.
I'm glad you have a good bond with your beans. I'm the same with mine, I love them for different reasons and play different with both.

Ali & Fiona said...

Hi Jade,

We enjoyed learning about you. Ali can't believe you are bff with a dog, he is very scared of dogs (long story). We added you on our blogroll when first started blogging, don't be a stranger.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Ah, very interrrresting facts lord Jaders! I loved learning about your lingo - that is an excellent method of communication! My male slaves thinks cats should play rough, too. I blame him for my wanting to give the female the bitey and bunnykick her arm. It is a good excuse.!

Phoebe said...

Hello Lord Jaders. Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Pablo Fan Club. I added you to the memberlist and you can find the club pledge on our sidebar.

Your list is very interesting. I especially am interested in the language you referred to. Is it anything like Spanish? They roll their RRRRR's too.

Anonymous said...

Jade, guess what! I have posted my poem in French for Mickey *smile*.

Happy Friday, dear!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Tina T-P said...

Hello Jade - greetings from the Pacific NW. We really liked your blog! Tina and all the critters on the farm...

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

It was kinda mean for the sticky people to steal your toys. Do they have any toys of theirs you might be able to steal from them? That might be the best way to show them.